Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I forgot to report back re. "coco before chanel" so I thought I'd do that while I wait for the chocolate pecan pie with caramel sauce to finish baking. Yep. You heard right. Sounds yummy, no? It's my dessert contribution for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It will probably be the most sought after dessert and I will feel just a little sad for all the other dessert makers who will have just one slice taken out of their cakes and pies. Ah well.
And I liked the movie pretty well. This is what I came away from it thinking...
-I didn't much care for her love interests. And the only time I felt at all affected by the romance part of the movie was at the very end during the flashback scenes. And this had to do with identifying with her sense of loss and getting older and loneliness, not the particular men she remembered.
-I did not know anything about her prior and I do not know about the history of fashion and it was awe inspiring to see how ahead of her time she was and how much she influenced fashion then and now.
-The clothes I really responded to were the earliest ones she made and her philosophy of simple and sort of rustic and austere. You could see the influence of the orphanage.
-She was portrayed as incredibly confident in her vision. This was the best part of the movie.

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littlebyrd said...

Your pie does sound wonderful and I had to laugh a little about the "others". I've wanted to see Coco and haven't yet so I enjoyed your report :) Happy Thanksgiving!