Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Chaos

I don't like Christmas. How's that for honesty?

I love buying a little something special for people I care about. I really love giving somebody a treat when they least expect it. I don't, however, enjoy frantic overspending, thoughtless consumption and stress. There. I said it.

I was going to share this a week ago and wrote it and then erased it. You can tell I have conflicted feelings about it. I grew up with pretty frenzied large holidays. I will admit that as a kid on many levels I loved it. But it also left me feeling unsatisfied and confused, too. Weird? And now as an adult I feel like I have to live up to the craziness for certain reasons (read: there are still people close to me who enjoy the mania.)

When I was looking for funny images to depict the frantic shopping holiday experience I found this. Ew. Shopping for what, Nits?

(the donald image image courtesy of here and nancy and mr. t were found here.)


susan said...

a-men. and ew! i couldn't agree more.

jeanbean said...

Hi Liane-It is as if you took the words right out of my mouth. I'm looking forward to spending time with family & friends. That is my gift.

littlebyrd said...

My husband and I were just saying today we don't really enjoy getting lots of presents anymore as adults. I guess we are pretty lucky because the holiday isn't a huge event for both our families. Sometimes I feel like maybe we are missing out on something special or magical but maybe we aren't.

Anonymous said...

I can totally totally relate. 100%. Mixed feelings and all (although my feelings about how I actually feel about what most every holiday has become, with Christmas taking the cake, aren't really mixed at all). On the other hand, I really love to show other people I love them, care for them, or just plain like them. Simple as that. If only it could be so simple!

Sonia said...

Hi Liane, I agree completely with what you wrote above. We've gotten a book & a toy for each of the boy, but other than that, I have decided to handmake the other presents myself, and it will only be for my parents & inlaws. Something to keep them warm this winter, a scarflette. So we kept it to the minimum. I simply hate how things have gotten around each holiday, people go simply nut. The most important is to share, to give, to love, to care, but so many people have forgotten about it all. :(

Lambert said...

The picture of Mr T and Nancy Reagan looks like a creepy ventriloquist act!