Saturday, January 2, 2010

factory 20 plus assorted

Factory 20. Sweet stuff, huh? And I really like their product picture styling. The top image is what I want for a coffee table in my living room. My husband has a pretty complete woodshop in our old barn. Maybe he can build something like this. With old wood. Exactly like this. Now.
I got my tattoo. We picked up the big black cabinet thingy. In a snow storm. It was a long day. Pictures to come tomorrow.
have a sweet night,


becka said...

I would like one of each, thanks. Yes to that top piece as a coffee table, that would be so sweet!

(btw I've been lurking here for a little while and enjoying your blog, one of my new years resolutions is be brave enough to comment on the blogs I love!)

Liane said...

hi becka! happy new year. i l.o.v.e comments. please don't hesitate!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Awesome for a coffee table! I love it....can't wait to see the black cabinet in your home, and pix of your tat. Have a wonderful night hun!

lolasmom said...

Wow. Omg. What more to say? Oh yeah, want.

Love the juxtaposition of clean lines and rustic finishes. Brilliant.

Can't wait to see pix of your tattoo!

tara - scoutiegirl

alexkeller said...

i love this site! i have it bookmarked from a while back....but it's definately a 'window shopping' site!

Anonymous said...

carlene, over at directed me over here and she warned me that i'd fall in love. actually, she did a low down dirty thing and posted an etsy video you made. i was sunk.
i related to everything you said.
what's not to love. :)
beautiful work. and this link, oh no, now i have to go to factory 20 and fall in love with more (nice way to start 2010).

Liane said...

hi up and down town- you just made me happy. thanks:)