Monday, January 25, 2010

handmade shoes

I love these. I want these. You can find them at French and English Confectioners. Well, I couldn't find these exactly, but another similar pair in sort of a wine color. You can also find handmade shoes at Sonomitsu and at Cydwoq. The Cydwoq shoes are a little disconcerting to me. I recall liking them a lot when I saw the brand in a shop a few years ago but when I was scanning the website alls I could think of was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy or something. They seem very elf-ish.
Also a few years back I read a magazine article about a woman in Ireland or Scotland maybe, who was a cobbler. There was this fabulous picture of her quaint cottage and it looked like the type of place with a pump for water and candles for light. It was the kind of place and the sort of story which sends me into a love stupor. If anyone knows who in hell I'm talking about from my meager description and lets me know I'll shower you with gifts.


The Black Spot Books said...

It couldn't be the crazy woman in England that I told you about who teaches and through away a package from me because she considered The Black Spot to be a bad omen, could it?

These are divine

and oh, despite the nastiness of Mr. Cydwoq, I have loved them for years. They are painfully made though, so I have finally moved on. I found these

enough links. I am going to read. nite.

The Black Spot Books said...

look at that. through away. well that is sure something.

erm, threw, i meant.

David said...

The Aurora Shoe Company makes handmade leather shoes in a small traditional cobbler shop in the Fingerlakes region of New York.

Liane said...

Hi David- yes, I actually wore auroras for years myself! I did love them. They are a very stiff shoe. And I tended to wear the soles and replace them rather frequently. But I think they are beautiful. I'd love to see them make a boot. I don't think they do. And I think they've changed ownership since I wore them in the 90s.