Monday, January 11, 2010

Portsmouth Island

So, I've talked here a little about my desire to check out of the rat race. Funnily, in many ways I already have. I really have never kept a full-time office sort of job. I live a simpler life than many. But photos like these tug at me. Here's an excerpt from the photographer's description of these photos:

"Portsmouth Island is just south of Ocracoke Island (North Carolina) and is accessible only by small boat. Once a thriving community,the last residents left this tiny Island in 1971. This is a photo from inside one of the remaining homes on Portsmouth Island. It looks as if someone had just walked away from this stove and never returned."

I want to be there.

Photos from this shop.


erin / atlantictreefox said...

aren't these great! i saw the tweets about them this morning & i'm really considering buying the 3 pack! what a great deal!

Katherine said...

these are so pretty! and you know how i feel about living in a cabin in the woods. if it weren't for the fact that my son LOVES his school, i would be all over it!

p.s. my cowl is absolutely perfect. thank you!

Lambert said...

Fly into Wilmington (US Airways flies direct from LaGuardia in less than two hours), rent a vehicle, and drive the three hours to the town of Atlantic. Go to Morris Marina and catch a 40-minute ferry ride to Portsmouth Island (round-trip, $14 per person or $75 per vehicle.

You're welcome.

Liane said...

Laurent- You're a kook. A loveable one.

Lisa said...

I'm with you, Liane, let's go! Every single day I dream of a simpler life. One that involves genuine wood floors and tables, quaint architectural details, and oh yes, trees and soft grass outside my door. Been loving your blog. Many thanks for all the pleasurable finds!

Lisa said...

Actually, upon some reflection I'd rather head to coastal Maine maybe. NC is too much like Florida, where I live. Too much summer heat and humidity, and very real threats of hurricanes. I'm pretty much over them!

Anna said...

Oh, Ocracoke is wonderful! The boatride out to Portsmouth is almost as much fun as a walk around the island itself. The last inhabitants were, we were told, two elderly ladies and an older man. He would row out every day to meet the boat bringing the mail, take it back to the island, and distribute it at the old post office in the little cubbies.

Beware of Portsmouth in the warmer months! I was cautioned to wear jeans and long sleeves, but even so, I couldn't avoid the mosquito bites.
The quiet and walking across the salt marsh to the most pristine beach where the sound meets the Atlantic made it all worth it, though.

Anna said...

p.s. Nice to find your blog (via Katy Elliott's)! I bought one of your lovely (French ticking stripe) pillows some time back and love it.