Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been walking around in circles today. That's how I feel anyway. I have days where I start something and then half an hour later stop and start another thing. Nothing gets finished. I have a focus issue.
Anyhow, that is not related to the above image (which seems fitting) from Kim's Trampoline shop. She found some good loot, huh? She'll be listing it in her shop soon. The picture is just to make us jealous of her mad thrifting skillz.

Oh, WAIT A MINUTE! It just occurred to me...I've been "bouncing" from one thing to another all day and I'm sharing with you a favorite shop called "Trampoline"! OMG! I'm not in need of Ritalin, I'm actually a subconscious genius!


alexkeller said...

you just made me giggle - thanks

Melissa de la Fuente said...

hee hee, you make me giggle too! I love the loot, she does have mad skillz indeed. :)

my Trampoline said...

giggle? i let out a pretty loud guffaw!

come along with me anytime?!