Monday, January 25, 2010


have i told you that i really want to travel?
images of russia, mongolia, tibet
*i'd love to hear about where you have been. what places have had a particular affect on you and where do you dream of going?


Melissa de la Fuente said... cool. I don't blame you, I want to travel too...I long to go to Italy someday, Africa, India...but, my heart belongs to the south of France where Joel and I had our honeymoon. I will never forget the light, the lavender, the food & the beauty. *sigh*

Karen Meyers said...

Have you watched the "Long Way Round" with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Parker? They travel through Russia and Mongolia on motorcycle and it is fabulous!

Liane said...

Karen- No, haven't seen it but will make a point to now. Thanks!