Thursday, February 18, 2010

around the house + PLEASE READ AND VOTE

I haven't been taking pictures because the auto-focus on my lens is busted. Pretty lazy, no? In my defense, I thought the whole lens was gonzo at first. Then I investigated a wee bit deeper and realized it worked fine if I felt like actually focusing myself.
I wanted to show you some things around my house today. Top is a picture from about 1972 of my Mother and sister, Kim. Kim got into trouble with some frequency when she was little. Here she is getting a talking to. I think we were out on a hike or something.
Then we have that cabinet I bought at auction several weeks ago. I put some of my vintage fabric collection in it. I was feeling like putting dishes in it would be too "old lady". As if textiles is, uh, "not old lady".
Am I going into too much detail here? Am I, praytell, procrastinating doing other boringer stuff? Too bad. My blog. :)
Third in line are a couple of antlers. Just laying around. Being all antlery.
And lastly we have an old metal machine cart I bought at the flea for 25 bucks! That was a good deal, lovers.
AND NOW....This is the most important thing. I will be conducting a vote and I really need your participation. There is an auction tonite about 20 minutes from my house. I cannot for the life of me decide if I want to go. I have plently of obligations here at home to tend to plus I went out last night and I feel as if I am neglecting my offspring if I go out again tonite. What I NEED you to do is leave a comment and tell me whether I should go to the auction or not. I realize you probably have better things to do. On the other hand, you're here already reading this so maybe not. (HAHAHA).
I will abide by the outcome of the vote. No matter which way it comes down. If there is a tie, I will call the operator and ask them to weigh in and break said tie.
Your opinion in this matter is assuredly appreciated.
Sincerely and I Love You,


susan said...

YES BECAUSE MEGAN AND I CAN"T!!!!! i sincerely want three items there, especially the white divided thing for my art supplies. and the bare chair and the lot of gold frames.

i just can't get there tonight and i want to cry. weep. big big tears.
i may do a bid from phone.

Bird-in-Hand, Laurie said...

Okay, you're showing us your already-enviable collection of stuff. I know what you want me to say but I will not be an enabler. And it's not just because I'm jealous, either.

Oh My Ampersand said...

I weigh things carefully when I must decide on these type of things. I think you should go because a) the auction doesn't happen every day, b) your chores can wait until tomorrow and c) your offspring love you and they would understand. If you were a party animal and out every night on a regular basis then maybe staying home would be best. I don't think that is the case. Have an awesome time at the auction and i hope you find many goodies!

Vintage Simple said...

Ha! You're hilarious. I say go. And can I just comment on how seriously jealous I am of all the corners of your house you've shown us here? Because I am. And I love the picture of your sister getting a talk-to. Love it.

Have fun tonight, as I have a feeling this is the way the vote is going to go.


Lise said...

You should go! Maybe the offspring will come, too? Then they won't be neglected, only the boring necessities, which can always wait.

alexkeller said...

1. need someone to give my son a talkin' to
2. like the cabinet AND the fabric. thanks to you & another, i'm starting to collect old what end? dunno
3. antlers must be from the guy that just brings them to ya?
4. so jealous of the cart - need that in my house to pick up toys
5. go

♥ miss.michelle said...

... I adore the little tidbits of your home, so charming. That photo of your mum and sister is priceless, what a wonderful story about it!

I vote GO!



TheFancyLamb said...

Auction. the end.

Alyssa Zygmunt said...

Oh My Ampersand said it best!

i vote go and add a little wish for me to go with you.

spotted dog farm said...

yes, i say definitely go! i never regret going, and always regret not going. plus you might get some more wonderful inspiration - so take pictures! that's my vote :)

Sonia said...

I say GO GO GO, girl.
I really can be the queen of procrastination sometimes, so why wouldn't you be too ?
And then also because I'm sure you'd regret not to have gone.
So, there, good reasons for going there.
xoxo hugs

Bacon Square Farm said...

go to the auction you'll kick yourself later if you don't.

sosser said...

i say go - because i would!

greenemama said...

i say go. and maybe take an offspring + turn it into a date. ha.

Lambert said...

Make pillows out of what's in the 3rd picture, go brush your teeth and happy bidding tonight!
Not necessarily in this order.

ethan said...

yes, have some fun for christs sake

Chemin des Muguets said...

Please go. You don't want to have any regrets. You might miss something - perhaps some fantastic textiles! I'm so envious. You're lucky you have some good auction to go to. They are few and far between out here.

Have fun,


PipingHotPapers and RunAliceRun said...

I say "don't go" and I can tell it's completely opposite of the majority. But if you are feeling a tug on your heart strings to stay, that's usually a good indicator that you should stay if for no other reason than to send a message to your offspring that you care.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

a. a folk art quilt could be lurking under a squashed garden hat.
b. you could possibly see something that will inspire you on to new heights.
c. you can show off your new coat.
(or your old one which i'm sure is fabulous)
d. you'll be in a room with your own tribe, that is seekers of beauty.
e. it will be good for your heart cuz of the adrenalin rush.

I saved the best for last. You might see one of the Keno brothers.


Moi said...

Go forth and conquer.

PonderandStitch said...

Silly girl.

Of course you should always knew it, too.


Liane said...

you all are the best blog readers on the planet:) thank you for the comments. i did go. got my mum a bench for her birthday which i shall make a pillow for and she shall place on her porch. also a couple awesome primitive small cabinets. may keep, may sell in my vintage shop. pictures tomorrow. no textiles. next time!night loves,

Carlene said...

I got here too late, but I was going to vote go to the preview, then decide.

I'm glad you went and found something. Wait, there's a vintage shop?

Mandy said...

Chiming in a tad late, too! So glad you went. Photo of the bench and pillow? Cheers, Mandy

Anonymous said...

Hilarious :) You are awesome.
Glad you went. Hope to see a photo of that bench!

Simple Dreams said...

I hope you went to the auction AND take pics of what treasures you come home with. :)