Tuesday, February 16, 2010


How long have you been without TV? (I have seen you mention it on Twitter) do you watch any DVDs, go to movies? Listen to the radio? How about digital music?

My dear Jen, Probably half my adult life has been TV-less. But as a kid I was a total TVholic. I was big into Laverne and Shirley. I watched the daytime soaps in middle school. The whole General Hospital Luke & Laura thing was a major event for me.
When I had kids I found myself getting all "naturale" and you know, cooking with the Laurel's Kitchen and Moosewood cookbooks, reading everything Waldorf and throwing the TV out the window.
But we've had it in the house occasionally. In fact right now it is hooked up and my husband has been watching the Olympics. And I like to see the Presidential elections/speeches on the TV (see previous question re. who I want to make out with).
I listen to Public Radio all day. I am one of those. I watch The Office on the computer. We do have Netflix. But the one disc at a time one! That's how I recently watched Long Way Round.

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Anonymous said...

We don't have a tv, and I really don't miss it.
When it comes up, people are really shocked that we don't have one, and I find that type of reaction somewhat shocking. :p
Did you send your children to a Waldorf school?

Liane said...

Let's see, I don't get a shocked reaction anymore from people so much. I used to more. Maybe people just expect it from me now, or something.
My kids never went to Waldorf school because we couldn't afford it and there were aspects of it I didn't like. For me it seemed to have it's own sense of conformity. As an artist I really didn't like the formulaic and rigid (my opinion) way they approached creativity and art. We did homeschool for a time but now 2are in public school and 1 is in first year art school. My kids have never been crazy about public school but because of our life/family circumstances that's what it ended up being.
What about you? Do you have kids and do they go to school?

Karen Meyers said...

Did you like Long Way Round? How about that Russian guy who loved playing with his guitar and his semi automatic guns?!

Liane said...

I loved Long Way Round! Yeah, that guy was nuts, huh? I loved seeing Mogolia and Russia. I wish we could have seen more of the countryside.

Anonymous said...

I think people are shocked by our lack of a tv because we are living in a city, very immersed in, hmmmm, a generally modern life, a modern, stimulated life. But we pick and choose for ourselves. And we choose no tv.
i have one daughter.
i agree about the rigidity of waldorf, no question about it, especially so in the early years. buu-uuuut, they also put a high value on goodness, and beauty, and quality of environment. my little one is not particularly rebellious. she likes routine and order. and beauty.
you should have seen the dental hygienist's face when my then 5.5-year old asked for the blaring monitor over her head to be switched off. her own choice. she would rather hear what the hygienist had to say than be forced to watch a charmless cartoon, already begun, turned up too loud. go figure.

Liane said...

up an down- i hear you about the good things about waldorf. definitely. i actually shouldn't have made it seem so negative because i really wanted to send my kids to waldorf at the time. i suppose it was hard that i couldn't do it because of money.

Anonymous said...

no, no, i think your comments were legit.
money mucks things up but waldorf is not perfect.
so far, so good, but i keep an open mind to other options and other opinions, this is why i was curious about your thoughts.