Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I think you sometimes mentioned you like/dislike words and not for their meaning. Can you say more about that? Is it synesthesia?

interesting question. i find synesthesia fascinating but i don't know that that is what i experience. with words and specifically sounds i have a visceral/physical response, especially those i don't like. it's kind of like finger nails on a chalkboard. and i actually think it's related to other experiences i have like my aversion to swing sets. although i am no expert, i think it may fall into an OCD category or something like that! i also, and i think this is the most interesting part, feel that it is directly related to being a creative person.

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ericawalker said...
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ericawalker said...

i love this idea.
except i keep wanting to ask naughty (in a good way) questions...
and i totally agree that the word attraction/aversion is a creative person thing. you know some of mine ; )

Lisa said...

me too! except the swing set part..love those.