Friday, February 12, 2010

hey, did he just flip us off?

I could watch this one over and over and over again. You should see me singing and dancing right now. My very first serious boyfriend, Erik, was a big Tom Petty fan. I cannot hear this song without thinking of him. He was a nice boy.

Video commentary: was that Don Johnson doing the intro? Hahahahahahha. I can't stop laughing. Hahahahahahahahahaha. I know, this is mean. Hahahahahahhaha. Ha. Ok, I'm done. Also, mutton chops and shoulder-padded galaxy outfit? 1985 I love ye. Plus, did he just flip us off at 1:16? Fiesty.

This post is dedicated to Nicole. She posted a Stevie Nicks/T.P. (that's Tom Petty not toilet paper or you get these two abreviations confused when you are referencing your list at the grocery store, too?) on her blog the other day. Thanks Nicole. Do you have the sofa made up for me yet?


Anonymous said...
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astulabee/nicole said...

awww! love this song, what an awesome suprise to find this!
Yeah he did flip us off!!! and yeah!... couch is ready, dear. x