Tuesday, February 23, 2010

highland croft

I would so so so live here. The Scottish croft for your consideration. Here's wikipedia with some information about the history of the croft.


The Black Spot Books said...

fuck, yes

Lambert said...

Beautiful pics, never been to Scotland.

Debra said...

In a heartbeat.

karen said...

nice would love to go there someday!

freefalling said...

Did you see the 5 part series of English marine biologist Monty Halls crofting in Applecross, Scotland?
He renovated a dilapidated old "bothy" and lived the life of an old-time crofter for six months.
Monty Halls' Beachcomber Cottage
or also known as
Monty Halls' Great Escape.

On another note - wanna see my shed?