Friday, February 19, 2010

the nellis tavern, established 1747

above image was taken around 1890

here's how the palatine settlement society found the tavern

these two images above taken sometime prior to the 1980s

after clearing the area around the building
here's what the building looked like prior to the restoration

above is an image of the tavern now

these interior images were taken before and during the restoration

I love this sort of thing. I love old buildings and their history. I love seeing what time and neglect can do to them (frankly) and then it's so uplifting when people value and care enough about these beautiful old places to learn about them and renovate them. So, this place is in New York. You can visit the Palatine Settlement Society for more information and images.


erin / atlantictreefox said...

amazing! that's only 2 hours & 45 min away from me.

breadandroses2 said...

I love this sort of thing, too! When you get off the beaten track & into southeastern Ohio, there are a few early 19th century, Federal period taverns & inns like this tucked away in forgotten towns. I've made many a pilgrimage.

Denise Fasanello said...