Tuesday, February 23, 2010


things i want, am not really content without, so i had better get:
  • a creative breakthrough
  • spring
  • walks
  • long hair
  • magic elfin housecleaners who work at night while i sleep
  • someone else to pick up the dog poop which accumulated in my front yard this winter
  • new kitchen sink and counters (well, old but new to me..soapstone,butcher block, enamel)
  • my sofa reupholstered
  • one of these
  • these boots
  • this

*mollie's list is over here. i stole the idea from her. we are out of coffee so do you really expect me to come up with my own ideas??


Oh My Ampersand said...

If I had a blog I would borrow your borrowed idea but my list would probably break other people's computers it would be so long. I love your list. Have you found out who makes those boots? That is kinda what I was looking for but settled for some nice Sorels because that was what I could find and liked that were not $400.

Thanks for always sharing. :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I am loving your list hun...and I hear you. I would also like someone else to pick up the dog poop which has accumulated over the winter! :) I am going to try to hunt down those boots for you....

breadandroses2 said...

Oh, Cabin Fever! Your list could be my list, almost. I had a pair of crepe sole boots like that way back & they were so comfortable. Was thinking about them just the other day and hoping I could find a similar pair. What I'm wearing now look like I've been on a chain gang for years. Comfy but beat up. Hearing you on the kitchen sink/counters. I want the antique, one piece porcelain on cast iron combo that was a staple in most early 1900s farmhouses.

littlebyrd said...

hehehe - the title reminded me of how we tease Oliver when he wants something new. We say he's got a case of the wanties and he is just adamant that he does not. It's pretty funny.

Moth to a Flame Studio said...

great list - I could really use the top five items. The kitchen counter sounds so nice too, I love soapstone. I have often seen those back packs or rucksacks show up on another online site for sale - there is a listing for one identical now for only 20.00. Let me know if you want me to send you the link to that one.

greenemama said...

love your list! also, i must add that greenhouse to my list.

Elissa said...

I would sorta, kinda, definitely like everything you've got on that list, except the dog poop part and the long hair (I already have that). 'specially the greenhouse

Oh My Ampersand said...

I found Uh-mazing boots on my regular search for awesome footwear... these are too big for me :( I hope it's not weird that I send you an Ebay item number. They are similar (but not the same) to the ones in your list. I am sending you the item number rather than the link so it doesn't seem so spammy. # 390161869918 If this is inappropriate, let me know!

Liane said...

OMG Cheryl. You rock. I am going to bid on those babies!!