Tuesday, March 2, 2010

meditation of quilt deconstruction

It's been a real pleasure taking this particular quilt apart. Inspecting each faded color and pattern as I take the many knots out and seam rip the top from the bottom has been inspiring. I appreciate the old patterns so much and I love the way time softens the color. The batting in the middle is quite worn and musty and there are areas of the quilt where the fabric has just broken down with time. So I don't feel sad separating the pieces so I can wash it and make new things. I'm pretty sure I'll make some pillows and put new ties in and love the end result. I thank the woman who made this beautiful and functional quilt the whole time I work.


lejardengirl said...

new to your blog, i simply love your craft and your pure love for what you do, explained perfectly in this post...xo

BananaSaurusRex said...

Once in a while I take some heat for cutting up old textiles - so I appreciate that you're taking something that was damaged and ignored and giving it a new life. Someone is going to love having a pillow made from those old fabrics in their home!

harem6 said...

We are so happy that we found you!Your blog is great !