Sunday, March 28, 2010


Eli got a trampoline for his 12th birthday yesterday and the kids had SO much fun on it all day.  I was reluctant to get one for years because, you know, I didn't want anyone cracking their neck.  But I actually played on one a lot as a kid.  So I'm thinking I shouldn't have been so worried.  They really are a lot of fun.  And good excercise. 

Unfortunately, Eli had been home all week with a bad cough and was finally feeling better but I think the long day of play and party set him back a bit.  He's going to have to take it easy today.  Thing is, I don't know that I can keep him off the trampoline.

Oh!  And we surprised him by bringing his big brother, Ethan, home for his birthday.  He loves him.  He was happy.


A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful post and images...happy kids...such a blessing.

Sonia said...

aww he must have been so thrilled by the presence of his brother :) and wow, a trampoline, I bet he was extatic about it too ! Sorry ha hasn't been feeling well this past week. I hope he'll be back to himself soon.
Happy (belated) birthday to him ! :) many hugs

katy elliott said...

awww what a great birthday!

BananaSaurusRex said...

Happy Birthday, Eli!
My Seamus is 7 today - you are practically twins!

ethanollie said...

happy birthday won't mind a bit if me and your mom rock the casbah on that thing in july ...will you? feel better

(it's my e's birthday weekend too :)

Melissa de la Fuente said... fantastic! I am so glad he had a great time! What an excellent birthday!

Anonymous said...

So awesome, and I am kind a sap sometimes but the bit about bringing Ethan home and how Eli loves him put a little damp in my eye.

I nearly killed myself on one of those trampolines. We used to get really CRAZY though, with way too many kids at once.

Alicia said...

so nice!