Monday, March 15, 2010

updated out + i got a reindeer book!

Well, HI THERE! I've been sitting in front of this computer ALL DAY and I think I've had enough. So, I may list some more vintage tonite or I may wait until tomorrow. I'm going to go do domestic things like straighten up, get the fire going in the woodstove again and consider dinner. I'm looking forward to switching gears.
I do hope you like what I've put in my shop so far.
Oh, and GUESS WHAT?See that book right up there called The Reindeer People. I bought myself a copy yesterday and I CANNOT wait to read it. Yay!! Reindeer and Siberia!!


kalé primitifs said...

hi Liane!
oh you will love that book!
it will definitely heighten your fascination with the strong, amazing people in that part of the world. :)

feathermar said...

That looks awesome! I heart caribou!