Friday, March 19, 2010

Zalipie- The Painted Village

Ah!  I love it when internet friends point me in the direction of things they think I might like!  It makes me feel loved.  Catharina, who has the flickr stream nightcloud1, sent me a message about this place this morning.  Thanks Catharina!  It's a village in Poland called Zalipie which has homes painted with flowers and such.  If this doesn't make you feel happy, I don't know what will.  All images found on wikimedia.
PS- click on the images to see 'em big.  or else you just won't get the effect.  I love the images #1 and #4.


Melissa de la Fuente said... incredibly happy & lovely....I now think ALL "villages" should be painted this way..wouldn't that be grand? I love number one beautiful and perhaps someday when I paint our house I will add something like this in....:) Thank you dear one, for your comment. It made my day & I truly appreciate you and your loveliness. *sigh*

Kim said...

I wonder if my neighbors would think I was crazy if I painted my house like this? I know what Get It Sold on HGTV would say? Who cares what they say?! I love these painted houses~I want to move into the last one.

Kim said...

No, I was wrong~I want to move into the next to the last house.