Monday, April 5, 2010

black and white pysanky and food philosophy

So, my pysanky eggs would NOT win any contests but I had a really good time making them.  I decided to just use one color and really simple designs.  In retrospect I'd have left them in the dye a much shorter time to see if I could get more of a dusky grey color.  I considered putting them back in the black dye for just a minute after cleaning the wax lines off so that the white would be grey but it was time to wrap it up.  Next time I'll also put more effort into planning the designs.  In any event, the weather was so wonderful.  And after that I went for a walk. 

In other news, I recently heard a radio interview with Jonathan Safran Foer who wrote the book Eating Animals. I'm putting this book on my reading list.

I've been a vegetarian off and on in my life and have been pretty involved in the local clean food movement in my community.  I started and ran the first farmers' market in my town 7 years ago and where my food comes from is something I've been concerned about since my early 20s. 

I'm excited to plan a great vegetable garden this year and I'm renewing my focus on eating a limited amount of meat and dairy and then only eating those I find locally. 

What's your food philosophy?


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Surprise, surprise Liane, I'm a veggie too. I stopped eating meat 28 years ago. We have a veggie patch since last year (why we moved out to the country), have an organic fruit and veg box delivered every wed and try to eat organic as much as poss ( the organic market is thriving in France now). My daughter is allergic to milk proteins and my eldest son has to take it easy with milk products as well.
You only have one body ... Hope I don't sound to much of a "goody two shoes", if you know what I mean?

littlebyrd said...

I think those eggs WOULD win prizes! They are beautiful. I really like the black. a lot!
I don't really care for meat, the taste and texture aren't very appealing to me but I do like chicken sometimes. Maybe once a week I'll eat that but it is local organic meat. Dairy - love it. Oh man I love it so much.
Good luck with your garden!

Mandy Behrens said...

The eggs are striking -- would win top prize in my contest! The girls and I are excited to plant our veggie garden soon (too cold here in Seattle yet). Cheers!

Lucky said...

Hello Liane! I have awarded you the Sunshine Award because I enjoy your following your blog. Please stop by my blog and check it out!

becka said...

Those eggs are lovely! Thanks for the heads up on that book, I definitely want to read it. I've been a vegetarian for about 5 years or so (and my husband for the past 25 years) and we've recently started eating pretty exclusively vegan, especially as I don't have a great tolerance for dairy. I like what you said about knowing where your food is coming from, that is really important to me, both on health, ethical and political levels, you know? I love that you started a farmers market, so awesome!

alexkeller said...

these are great Liane! I meant to do some this year, but it didn't happen. I should order my kit now so I have no excuses next year.