Monday, April 26, 2010

emma lamb

Hello Dears,

I don't know how to crochet but I can knit.  Except everytime I try to knit a sweater it comes out mutant.  Wrong gauge or something.  I'm having deja-vu right now.  Have I already told you this?  It's bound to happen what with my crummy memory and the number of posts I've hurled at you.

I've always admired Emma Lamb.  I love the color and pattern.  If you visit the shop look in the sold section at the itty bitty crocheted garland.  Cute as a kitten.

On the homefront, I have a wholesale order I have to bang out.  Have To.  But secretly I want to go outside and go for a walk and mess around in the garden.  I did go for a walk yesterday and listened to this song over and over about 26 times.  There's an accordian in it.  I was picturing myself as the accordian player as I walked.  I pretty much rocked the house and had to do about 8 oncores.  It's a rich fantasy life.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Me too....LOVE Emma Lamb, that gorgeous rug of hers has been calling my name for ages( yes, calling my name!) :) I am glad you rocked the house and had a long walk( good for the soul, no?) Sorry you are stuck inside today! Is it raining where you are?
ps possibly coming to NH in late June or July for hubby's work! Maybe we could go thrifting together! :)

emma lamb said...

Hi Liane, thank you very much for this wee feature... it seems we have some mutual appreciation going on today... :)
I know what you mean about wanting to be outside, it is so sunny and warm here today too... thankfully my wee studio gets full sun in the late afternoon so I don't feel so bad being indoors and working!
Have a wonderful day,
Emma x