Monday, April 12, 2010

I meant to ask you for so long now. Liane where on earth do you find the time to do all that you do??? There is literally no one that seems more productive than you in the craft community. And second have you got any good time management tips us?

oh, dana! that made me laugh. you know i continually think that i am horribly unproductive and terrible at time management. i am really good at daydreaming and getting caught up on the computer. maybe i am being too critical of myself and i appreciate your question so much because it reminds me to be nicer to myself and recognize that i do accomplish a lot.
it is really hard for me to be a mother of 3, the person who is primarily responsible for cooking and cleaning and home management plus run a business. i feel like i'm always trying to catch up.
i know every woman in my position is nodding their head and fist pumping right now. it's a universal problem. we as women do a lot.
that said, i have never ever ever lost sight of who i am and even at times in my life where i have been so devoted to others i have fiercely held onto the "me" in the equation.
you are probably getting more of a philosophical answer than you asked for but this is an important issue for all women and especially mothers.
in terms of time management here's my broad stroke answer: remember that in those times in life where the other demands, like small kids, make you feel like you'll never be able to pursue your personal goals, that there are different times in life, different phases. you don't have to feel that because you are a mom now that means you won't be able to be a dressmaker or artist or blogger or whatever after the dust settles and the kids get a little older.
to answer your question more directly, i guess now that i have more time and a pretty strong desire to nurture the personal goals i have a lot of stored up ideas, energy, etc. and i'm trying to get it all out. purge. so i don't have any time management techniques. i have never had the sort of personality to follow rules like that anyway. i just have, eh, 19 years of awesome (and some not so) memories of raising kids plus an overflowing well of personal dreams.
boy, did i answer the questions at all?? did i mention i'm bad at answering questions directly? :)

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Amen! Sister!

Leililaloo said...

:))))))))))))))))) Thank you Liane, that was better then i ever expected :))))))))))))

Lora said...

that was really good. thanks for reminding me that one day i will have more time. i am definitely in that stage of being with my little kiddos all the time...