Friday, April 23, 2010

nicole's magic little fingers + the one that got away

my lord in heaven isn't that lovely stitch work up there at the top??  sheesh, nicole.  i LOVE that. 

and what do you think about this old painting here?  it's the one that got away last night at the auction.  there was a guy a few rows up bidding against me and he won.  i bid to my maximum which, frankly, was more than i should have.  he had what i consider a fairly impolite bidding technique.  he held his bid card up in the  air and looked down at the ground and didn't lift or put down the card each bid...just kept it up in the air like he was just waiting for me to fall to the wayside and give up. 

i, on the other hand, have developed a sophisticated and some might say, sexy, bidding style.  no kidding.  well, no one's ever said that to me but i know they're thinking it.  i have a nod that i do which is assertive but not annoying and i try to add a little modest hair flip or half wink.  you know, just to keep the old guys amused.

okey doke.  i have a bajillion kazillion things to do this weekend so i will catch you guys later.  but remember, i think you are fantastic.  and can't even imagine how you get your hair so shiney and deluxe.


Mandy Behrens said...

Would die to see a video demo of that nod! Cheerio! ;-)

littlebyrd said...

That bird from Nicole is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I would love something like that at my house. Too bad about the painting! It is pretty. Sheesh - some people (eye roll) I liked your description of your bidding style though :)

astulabee/nicole said...

you really made my day Liane! thank you for such a sweet surprise. that painting is beautiful and your competitor, far too lackluster to have won it. BOOOO!

underwerket / Lisa Grue said...

these are very poetic