Sunday, April 18, 2010

a pattern language


"Many of Alexander's arguments are against the scale of modern systems."

"Nominally about architecture and urban planning, this book has more wisdom about psychology, anthropology, and sociology..."

"Alexander spends a lot of time in this book trying to figure out how to restore the damage to our communities that have been done by automobiles."

"..there is abundant evidence to show that high buildings make people crazy."

a friend recommended a book to me yesterday called a pattern language which i'm looking forward to reading.  apartment therapy has a couple posts on the book here and here.  here is the author, christopher alexander's website.

above are images from the pattern language site and apartment therapy.  are you already familiar with this book?  if so, what are your impressions? 

*side note- as i was googling about this book one site which popped up was  really?  i had to click.  because i'm actually a 12 yo in a 42 yo's body as previously discussed.  computer virus be damned!  i had to know.  anyway, it's the site of the athiests nihilists underground society or something like that.  real upbeat.  let's all join.

*quotes above are from a reader review of the book on amazon as well as the last being from the author himself.


Elissa said...

I am very slowly making my way through that book. It's really good, but very long. Luckily each "pattern" is only a few pages, so there are many stopping points and reading the next chapter isn't a big commitment. The level of detail he gets into regarding the arrangement of elements to create the best human environment is incredible. It ranges from how to place a village within the countryside to what size and shape a window seat should be. I am reading it sequentially right now to learn all the information, but it can really be used as a reference guide for designers to deal with specific design problems.

kalé primitifs said...

oh ha ha.. thanks for the belly laugh!
it sounds like all architects should really read that book before building! {we have enough 'ugly', disturbing buildings taking over our landscape}

ethanollie said...

tall buildings do make me crazy. i'll have to check this out...looks interesting.

Michelle said...

I'm a 14 year old in a 43 year old body...just wanted you to know you're not alone. This cracked me up... How is it I can HAVE a 14year old when I AM 14? I don't get it!

Love your blog...~Michelle