Friday, April 9, 2010

show who you are

i made some new pillows with red folklore stencils and put em in the shop, today.  i also started a fire in the stove because it's rainy and poo out.

the top picture is of the fortune or message or whatever you call it i got on my tea bag today.  it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

the other images are the result of tumblr wandering.  i've mentioned verhext before, but also go visit the tumbler dreamboatcourtney.  you know, only if you want to.

ps- there is beauty in your presence.  plus you are super sexy and tell the best jokes.  not to mention you're the best looking person in your town. 
no joke. 

have a perfect weekend you show off.



BananaSaurusRex said...

Thanks for the smile.

jessica said...

well, you know i wish i had a mini you to keep in my pocket for anytime inspiration...

Sunflower said...

you are so funny!!! i wish i had a sense of humor like yours. you really are just so hilarious. every day, i visit your blog before any other......i love the things you post about!! thank you so much for really cheering me up!!



Great images! Courtney is a fab photographer!

freefalling said...

I spotted that second image over at Lolita - it's just beautiful, isn't it?