Friday, April 2, 2010

you already know this, right?

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Sunflower said...

my morning was filled with very sad thoughts and then when i read your blog (yours is always the first one i read every day, out of many!), i started smiling again. how funny. i didn't know about the international pillow fight day! i am glad you shared about it. that's so great. people need to have more fun! when my husband and i were staying with some friends in san francisco years ago until we found our own place, we would come home from work and their 4 year old son would always be waiting for us with a pillow for our daily pillow fight. so when i read this post, it really made me laugh. what great memories that brought back. thank you!!! i am so glad there are people who are trying to bring fun back into the world!!! i also heard a man who was dying say that he realized that one of the most important things in life have fun. your blog is wonderful, so humorous and insightful and interesting!!