Tuesday, May 25, 2010

chaos ensues

here's what's happening in my backyard:
the baptiste is going to bloom soon.

the mock orange as well.  if you don't have yourself a mock orange well get your flip flops on and go down to the garden store and get one.  it's one of my favorites because of the scent.  on a warm spring night when you walk by and the sweet smell wafts about you on the breeze you will stop and you will smile and you will  thank me.

flower beds are really getting cleaned up. not perfect but so much better.

does anyone know what this is called?  i forget but it's another of my favorites.

the retaining wall in my backyard is annoying to me but i like the way moss grows on it.

ethan is digging up this scourge of a flower.  it was taking over.  it was way ugly.

do you know what it is?  i know the picture is rather crummy but it's the pink ones.

and this is what some of the flower beds looked like before the big clean up.  i know.  it was really bad.  call the flower police.  i wouldn't blame you.

and here are some vegetable beds.  are you getting bored yet?  well go refill your wine glass and get back here.  we're almost done.  you're not a quitter are you?

and here, finally, is the chaos that ensues inside my house when i spend all my time outside my house.


Deb said...

Hey Liane_
Your flower beds are looking good! I just might have to get me a mock orange. How long is their bloom time?
I think your first "what is it photo" is astilbe. I don't know what the other one is. Happy gardening!

suzy smalls said...

Your second "what is it" photo is of a gigantic clump of Tradescantia. Sure does love to spread, doesn't it?

I love mock orange, too!

caroline said...

i enjoyed he chaos inside just as much as the tour of your beautiful garden. sort of makes me feel OK about my own chaos which often ensues even when i spend the day inside.

NewDominionBlues said...

You call that chaos inside??? ;)

Estyn said...

Yay! My house looks the same, piles of everything everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

ethanollie said...

that is not interior chaos, my dear. a bit of disheveled-ness perhaps...but chaos, no.

trust me, i know chaos.

your garden is beautiful...so country. and the color of those irises...perfect!

simple :: dream :: quilts said...

If you call this neglect then mine is abuse. I've not gotten much cleaning done inside because my time outside is so limited, with a day job and all. Your pics are wonderful, gives me encouragement to know that my flower beds may someday look this good.

Lisa said...

you're so funny.. :)

katy elliott said...

I think the first one was bugbane or snakeroot. Does it get tall puffy tops?

Suzy got the other one. Comes in hot pink and purpley blues.

greenemama said...

please move next door to me and help me with my garden.

i love the moss, love the mock orange, and maybe you could post twice as many garden pics next time.