Friday, May 21, 2010

news from these parts

in that top picture you can sort of see that i put an old rag rug on my dining room table. hey. it's my house.  i washed it first.   i don't know if i like it yet.  which brings me to my first burning topic.  when you do stuff around your house like hang a picture of move furniture or even the smallest thing like put a candle on one table rather than the other do you go through a transition period where you aren't sure if it's the right spot or change and each time you walk by it you assess whether it's right or not and sometimes you know it's wrong because you have a gut feeling about it but then you still have to walk by it for a week or two before realizing it's driving you crazy and moving it somewhere else?


that was a long sentence.

and now you know that i am a complete lunatic and perhaps in need of OCD drugs.

and please please please let me clarify. there is nothing perfect about my house or my wall decor or my furniture arrangement.  this is no decorator's museum.  BE-LIEVE ME.  and yet, i am guilty of the behavior outlined above.  the other thought occuring to me just now is that maybe i need to find something more meaningful to do with my life like focus on homelessness and hunger and such.  quickly moving on.

second picture: making pillows for renegade (those are buckwheat hulls on the pillows).  although yesterday i felt like total doodoo and had a headache like a dagger through my right eyeball and got next to nothing done.  i think it's because i ate such a load of crap the day prior like too much pizza and grocery store birthday cake.  so yesterday i tried to eat better.  this involved that veg/pasta thing above plus homemade bread and hummus and fruit. 

and just in case you missed it here's a picture of one of our baby chicks.  we moved them out of their box in the laundry room and into their coop yesterday.  they love their new place.


caroline said...

i've always found that grocery store birthday cake always leads to trouble. but on the bright side, sounds like you are back on top of things with yesterday's veg/pasta and fruit situation. plus, that baby chick is so cute! and the rug looks nice in the photo. have a great weekend,liane! :)

Tess said...

Oooh, I relate all too well. Maybe not so much with decorating because we still have so little in our home. BUT, I'm that way with things like pictures. I'll look at two photos or blog posts and angst over how I hate the photos, could have done better, could have made them look more similar. Like you said, I know what I do isn't even remotely professional or perfect, yet I'm a perfectionist. Drives me nuts. Always wanting to be better.

Baby chick! Again! Come to the warm cavern of my mouth, little chick. You can take a nap there.

Thirty-Six Ten said...

grocery store birthday cake, or worse, cupcakes!

I'm completely opposite from you in the decorating department. I have NO idea where anything should go, so I don't do anything. Occasionally I'll get a little something on the walls. I've been in my house 11 years and have only had curtains for three. I have had hardwoods in my living room for 5 years and still don't have a rug!

SO, Go for trying new things, moving them about, it keeps things interesting and fun.

jan said...

i have the exact decorating dilema. i've caught myself up late at night looking at things, rearranging, walking back taking a look. moving things just a few inches. so yes i totally know what you're talking about.

chocolate, was your cake chocolate? that gives me a headache - big headache if i eat too much.

love the pillows!

annekata said...

I wish I had an organized house in which I would even notice small changes. But in my house everybody decorates including our 8 year old. I frequently find interesting(?) and unusual arrangements around the house often in forms of little sculptures. I kind of enjoy that.

Actually I wish I was a bit more of a perfectionist. Sometimes.

Jane Flanagan said...

I'm the same. Obsessed with moving things around, having it feel right and perfect. Convinced it isn't perfect...

Chicks though, seem to make everything better!

Kim said...

A massage therapist told me once that headaches are caused by a bit of undigested food. He told me about something a doctor he worked under told him to take. Something from the pharmacy...but now I can't remember what it is. I'll have to find out and get back to you on that. Anyway, I think he might be right about it. I like the rug on the table..I know what you mean though I change things around every time I dust and sometimes it may look hideous but I'll leave it for a week and then I can't stand it and change it all over again.

Gamut said...

Yes. I evaluate constantly. I am surprised my brain doesn't overheat and turn off sometimes. Maybe thats what REM sleep is repairing. And I also make a decision just below conscious thought that may take years to surface. btw-I like your blog and your etsy site. Maybe they are as important as feeding the hungry food. Why not? Karen at Gamut

katy elliott said...

Those baby chicks are amazing!