Monday, May 10, 2010

thievery and news from these parts

i'm dying over a couple things i stole out of alison's etsy favorites just now. perhaps i shouldn't be thieving her faves and posting about them.  maybe i should be a better friend than that..maybe i just can't control myself...

the farm house is from lucy and ellen and
the folk art wood cross is from great findz.

and then i just remembered that this vintage rag rug below from harriets daughter which i bought (!) came from alison's favorites, too. omg, i am bad.  (luv ya teenangster:)

i guess i'm in a country-heavy farmhouse phase. 

ok, but really, here's the news in these parts: 

 i planted part of my garden yesterday and built the kee-utest trellises for my peas. i also cut up some sprouting potatoes and i'm letting the cuts heal then i'll plant those.  i started some french fava beans indoors awhile back from dried beans riana sent me from france.  i'm worried they won't grow properly  because i got them going a bit late and they don't like to produce their pods in warm weather.  fingers crossed.

also, we got our baby chicks last week.  they've been living in a box upstairs and i love them.  all 12 of them.   but they are stinking up my bedroom.  i will try to get some pictures taken today to post.  they are truly growing like weeds.  their feathers came in overnight, it seems.  momma's so proud.

and last, as i may have already mentioned, i have been reading eating animals by jonathan safran foer.  i've educated myself a lot about factory farming over the last couple years but still i've sometimes succumbed to buying grocery store meat.  NO MORE.  i've finally, once and for all realized i can't do it.  i've reached that critical point of knowledge with the subject where i know in my heart that the system is too cruel, unethical and unsustainable to accept.  so we have been altering our diet around here and making changes which will be permanent.  We are eating lots more meat-free meals and occasional local meat meals. 

what's your food lifestyle and philosophy?  if you've got some thoughts on the subject i'd love to hear them.

happy monday mes amis,


Kickcan and Conkers said...

I posted that very same house in my five faves yesterday
That made me smile :)

I'm a veggie , so no meat for me and everyone else has organic.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So awesome....and I love that rug! I bet Alison will forgive you ;) ya know....we are going to be in the upper valley in late June early July...are you near there hunnie bun? I have fantasies of going flea marketing with you! :)
ps and Joel was just up there for a fund raiser for movie he is shooting there in June/July and everyone was selling fresh local meat, he thought it was super cool.

Lambert said...

I had faved the little farm dollhouse from Deb's Kickcan & Conkers. That's funny, it's going around.

Not big on red meat at all.
Pastured raised chicken and organic everything.

Alison said...

You little stinker! Haaa. Well, I look at your faves just as much as you look at mine, so it's all in good fun. I'm so glad you got that rug! It's gorgeous.


A Perfect Gray said...

see, I knew I liked you...I have a folk art matchstick cross, too...a little different, but cool...

simple things said...

oh I love hearing spring stories. All that new life, it's a beautiful time. Winter is coming very rapidly here.

I am a vegetarian, have been for about 10 years now. I was vegan for a bit, but I really missed eggs. It makes me feel a bit guilty eating them, though.

For me, it just feels so wrong to kill an animal when I know that I can live a good, healthy life without eating meat.

Anonymous said...

Seems like awareness of animal cruelty is a topic that's up right now. It's nice to see it being talked about. Amber just posted about the cruel conditions that chickens (even "free range") are subject to -

I have been vegetarian for over 15 years and was vegan for maybe 6 of those years. I learned a lot before and during my vegan years, researching everything like crazy (crying a lot about what I'd find - geeeez!). I now buy what little eggs we eat from small local farms and our dairy comes from Organic Valley only.

It's awesome you have your own little chickies now. Can't wait to see them. They'll be at that gawky funny stage soon!

Hugs to you Liane, and love to the family and friends of molly.