Wednesday, May 12, 2010


here's what i found dinging around on etsy looking at vintage this morning. loom, quilt bit, belt, assrtd stuff, pillow, tin

and here are the highlights of my day yesterday:

1. i got nearly nothing done which isn't so much a highlight as a lowlight.
2. i was down by the river behind my house and saw a mink catch a fish and then it ran right by me like 2 feet away.
3. i went to a dance recital featuring my almost 4 yo niece adelaide and she was the cutest kid on stage and i'm not just saying that because we are related.


littlebyrd said...

I really love the listings where they put together assorted stuff. I just bought a couple of packages of old papers and photos from that same shop and it was a little like Christmas when it arrived :)

andrea tachezy said...

I am happy to dicover your blog via Camilla´s. So many nice things. I´ll come often :-)