Monday, June 28, 2010


good morning dears. 

i must say, i had a pretty good weekend.  aside from the fact that the chickens decimated my kale and i need to get some wattle fence up this week before i let them free-range again.  who wants to come over and help?!?

we went to the fleamarket on sunday and i found some things pictured above:

materials for a couple bags for the shop, a large picture of a large woman, that leather hat which i am so in love with i had to stop myself from making out with it (peter says all i need is a few less teeth and a banjo in order to wear it.  we have the banjo but i'm not willing to give up any teeth),  plus a small primitive coat-rack (child-sized) for craft fair display.

i also went over to my mum's and picked some berries.  then i made some crock pot steel cut oats to put the berries in.  this is good stuff.  i recommend you try it.  i first found a recipe on amy's blog here.  i don't add any sweetener or anything to cook it in though.  i do, however, add copious amounts of maple syrup to it once it's done.

here's the recipe i use:

1 cup steel cut oats (find these in the bulk bin aisle of your natural foods store)
4 1/2 cups water
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons butter

cook in crockpot for 8 hours-ish on low setting

and later today i will scan in some of my favorite images from the 70s classic book "woodstock handmade homes."  i found a copy this weekend at my local used book store.

love luv lurve,


Anonymous said...

The photograph of the women is fabulous!, really amazing!

Angela (Posy Moe) said...

Yes, the hat made my heart flutter as well. Your oatmeal is making me hungry. I'm off to find a morsel. Happy Week to you, my dear.

littlebyrd said...

Laughing so hard at Peter's comment and then your response. Cute :)

石白 said...