Friday, July 23, 2010

past imperfect

welp, getting some new stuff in the shop just isn't going to happen today as promised.  but i want to leave you with a couple images. 

the top is from a blog i am really in love with called past imperfect.  even the title is perfect.  imperfectly perfect.  or the other way round.  i plan to spend some time with this blog over the weekend.  just me, the blog, a glass of wine.  another glass of wine.  haha.  cracking myself up.  anyway, go look for yourself.  i found this one via my lovely pal laurent.

second image is a little peeky of what i wanted to get in the shop today.  rag balls.  unravelled.  and reused.  when i see the stitches someone used to attach one strip of rag to another i feel something.  in my heart.  and that's no joke.

and now i'm off to go pick up my boy at the farm.

i wish you a sincerely good good weekend.



Carlene said...

I did not know I needed something made from a rag ball until just now. Why aren't they in the shop again?

Anna Allen said...

wow, that is a very cool website! also, i had to chuckle a bit when i read what you plan to do this weekend. i so would do that too. glass of wine, blogs, maybe an old movie in the background. even a few magazines and possibly some knitting next to me that i think i might get done (which of course i won't!). that is my idea of relaxation!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

love the look of what you've been working on!

and sounds like a cool link, going to go check it out even though i should be going off to the land of nod.