Friday, August 27, 2010

syrie kovitz

via and her portfolio here

i'll leave you for the weekend with these gorgeous and mysterious apparition photographs and gypsy portraits by photographer syrie kovitz. 

 i'm taking a weekend break and heading to visit with my pal alice and then on to a wedding on sunday.  i could really use the time away. 

the weather is perfect today...early fall coolness in the air but sunny.  i hope it continues into the weekend.  i'm definitely paying attention to the weather these days and telling myself to appreciate the sensations of the season. 



Anonymous said...

These photographs are really lovely. The format and subject make them seem from another time. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather.

=mew= said...

Thanks for the photos. Ephemeral yet permanent, if that's possible.
I'm envious of the New England seasonal sensations. Though I'm feeling fallish down here too. But it's never the same. :o(
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mary Ellen
PS: My "word verification" to post my comment is "blesse" -- funny, no?

Kim said...

Wow, you know something I've noticed. Even though it is still summer...alot of "apparitions" are appearing in blogs. I think this is going to be a very "spirited" autumn...I've even started reading all my ghost story soon but somehow I'm ready to be "scared".

broadcast.poulet said...

wow, these are so mysterious and beautiful. have a good weekend, enjoy yourself! my favorite part of the changing weather is the cool mornings.

Anonymous said...

Great gypsy portraits.Very real. Hope you had nice weekend.

Dorota Ambicka-Ekiert said...

absolutely love!!!