Monday, August 2, 2010

weekend review


i spent yesterday afternoon at the farm above doing a little work trade.  i'm a fan of bartering when i can. the farm belongs to steve and kristen and steve is my yoga teacher.  i cleared brush and weeded a nasty invasive vine out of some flower beds in exchange for yoga classes.  i like the physical work so its good all around.  while i was there i listened to kids and adults playing together and swimming in the pond.  i checked out the beginnings of a cabin being built in the woods.  i also chatted with my friend audrey who lives there too.  i'm hoping to take some pictures of audrey's little house to share with you soon.

this morning i'm pickling 21 pounds of cucumbers!  wish me luck.  i'm using a recipe i found on small measure.

oh yeah!  i also got to spend sunday morning with alice.  and we talked about a little future collaboration which i am looking forward to. 

so i'm putting good thoughts out there for you all to have a real nice week. 



Anonymous said...

love trading myself! A 21 lb cucumber wow!. Love to see what you are planning with your friend Alice?

Jane Flanagan said...

A Forestbound / Enhabiten collaboration has mega-goodness written all over it. I'm so excited.

Looks like you had a lovely weekend!

Angela (Posy Moe) said...

Good luck on the pickles. I've been thinking about making some from my granny's recipe. Maybe you've inspired me.