Thursday, September 30, 2010

life principles

when my friend molly was a teenager she wrote herself a credo.  and when she died this past spring her friends and family received copies of this credo.  since then and because of personal events in my own life, i have been thinking about what my credo might look like.  i considered writing one but  felt some self-consciousness about it.  molly's was beautifully melodramatic and superlative just the way a teenager's should be.  but i'm a wizened and worldly (insert wry smile) 40-something.  

then about a week ago i went to sleep thinking about this and when i woke up i wrote what i'm calling my life principles.  it's not poetic or dreamy.  in this way it fits with my frame of mind at this point in my life.  it's basic. and it's true to me.  

Life Principles
1. live in appreciation for and close to nature
2. produce my own food and buy local
3. do work i enjoy
4. have time to be creative
5. have time to spend with family and friends
6. always read. always learn.
7. be a positive force
8. stand up for what i believe

someday i imagine i might write a more creative version, when i am in a different spot in life, but right now these are a nice anchor for me.

if you have a credo or principles or any such i'd love to read them.  

with love,


erin said...

i've never taken a moment to write them down, but if i did, i imagine they'd read mighty similar to these written here...xo.

Jane Flanagan said...

Beautiful! I think I've made various lists that overlap in a major way with what you've put in, but I've never articulated them as principles and there's always been a component of wanting to change myself about them. These feel steady and grounded and in beautifully in tune with what I've seen and read of your life.

I'm going to think more about what mine would look like!

Carlene said...

I like yours, too. I might add "do no harm", just because sometimes I'm awfully hard on myself.

ticklishfromadistance said...

Lovely. Makes me think and feel...which is good.

Dom said...

Merci de ce partage.

Mandy Behrens said...

i cherish you and the posts you share. thank you for exposing your inner self. one principle i live by is "be your authentic self" and happiness and fulfillment will always follow. i'm here for you. xoxo Mandy

labonnefemme1 said...

Thanks for planting such a beautiful seed. I have some thinking to do.

Anne said...

I love your principles! I have an ever changing list but my main once are covered by the zen principles:
- reverence for all of life, gentleness, supportiveness and natural sincerity.
Thank you for sharing yours, really touched my heart.

Ann Marie said...

your credo is absolutely beautiful. a good reminder for me today.

Morna Crites-Moore said...

Wow - very nice.

Kim said...

My dear Liane, you are a writer and that time has come.

Debra said...

Those are good principles. This gives me something to sit down and think about.

Anonymous said...

Liane, your posts are always beautiful and this is the most beautiful of all.

Thanks you for pointing out that the little every day things in life like reading, growing your food, being creative amount to something as fundamental as "life principles".

alexkeller said...

thanks for sharing, liane -
you've inspired this wise (?) ol' 40 something to come up with some of her own ...

broadcast.poulet said...

liane - i'm glad i read this just now. it may have been somewhat of an anchor that i've needed. thank you for sharing this - it has helped me get through this frustrating and difficult day, and given me something positive to ponder. xox

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

beautiful. she was a wise person your friend. jx

Michelle said...

I think this list is and to the point. No need for melodrama at our age, I suppose. ;)

rebecca said...

dear liane,

i have spent time -interpret years here- thinking about principles i value and want to work toward. the "problem" comes in when I hold myself to perfection to the stated ideals....

after reading yours, here is what i assembled as a guide, to help me remember and refocus and use and adjust as needed.

through my choices, activities and life lived i hope to foster and support-

1. love and care of the out of doors
2. the value and appreciation of wholesome, locally grown, humanely raised and slaughtered sustenance
3. hand made or well made items
4. repair
5. respect and reverence that leads to responsibility to act in support of the health and sutainability of oneself, others, animals, plants, bodies of water, our atmosphere, etc
6. creativity and the healthy expression there of
7. finding purpose and value in caring for family members, house, yard, garden....
8. questions, learning and exploration
9. slow
10. shalom in myself .... the world


Tonya said...

i sent a link to this post to my husband via messenger. i told him, "she is making me rethink makeup. isn't she beautiful?" of course he said yes. you really are lovely and i loved this post.