Monday, October 18, 2010

derrick jensen

here's the other thing i wanted to share with you today.  i took the bus home yesterday from boston and got stuck at the bus station in a little city near me for a few hours without a ride home.  so i went to the bookstore and poked around.  one thing i was looking for and got caught up in are derrick jensen books.  are you familiar with him?  i'm finding a lot to think about in his writing.  if you know of him, what do you think?  if not i'd recommend adding him to your book list.   there are also a good number of interview videos you could look into on youtube.


Jaxx said...

Thanks so much for sharing this young man's ideas...they really resonate with me. I'll be looking for his books, etc....thanks again. Jackie Wight

ooglebloops said...

Interesting - I just posted the link on my FB. I will keep and eye out for his books.