Wednesday, November 17, 2010

all this time

sara watkins.

hello dudes.  just got home from a secret mission with tara aka weirdwolf.  that link brings you to her etsy videos.  you should watch them.

i'm going to go hang out with the fam but here's an irrelevent list of random things that happened to me while i was up in the burlington vt area:

1. i ate really good french blue cheese.  i super love blue cheese. 
2. i got into a convo with a truck driver at the purmort exit on rte. 89 about the merits of my 2003 junky automobile.  i think he was just looking for a minute of company.  i can't imagine he was honestly interested.
3. i slept in an empty 40 room mansion.  spooooooky...
4. i walked around in a rainy misty field and thought about rainy misty things.
5. i listened to an interview with Jay-Z on the radio and frankly i think he's a little too high on hisself.  i hope he doesn't read this.
6. i heard a story about how tasha tudor showed up at a museum exhibition with a pet chicken under her arm.  i like that story.

see you  tomorrow probs.


greatest friend said...

just a smile is all i have to leave.

littlebyrd said...

that mansion sounds totally creepy...and kind of fun! I just watched a pbs program the other night called things that go bump in the night and honestly, I don't think I would be able to sleep in a place like that alone after having watched.

Georgina said...

am enjoying reading your posts.
love the humour of your random list. sounds like an eventful trip!

Susan said...

1. I want to wake up tomorrow and be able to sing like Sara. And play the violin too.
2. Alone in 40 room mansion - did you really truly sleep? Not sure I would! Although I'd love the daytime experience.
3. You are living a very interesting life!
Love your posts, any upcoming auctions?

Consider the Lilies said...

You have been listening to NPR agian, good for you. I heard that same interview, but missed the info on Tasha Tudor. I love her though. She is my role model as I age.