Friday, November 5, 2010

handmade wallpaper plus auction update

good morning!

so i had no idea it would be so fun to read all of your food cravings here.  and now i crave half of what you do.  so keep commenting, enter the giveaway, tell me your food stories.  they're great!  

and i did go to the auction last night. when i got there and looked around i thought it would be a sucky sale but i ended up having good success.  no one bid against me so i bought 4 items for $10 a piece....and i love them all!  one was a vintage bike which i couldn't pass up for $10!  it needs work, and i already have 2 (mine and one i bought ethan which he took to boston with him.)  but jeez!  this one is black (i've wanted a black one) and i think i'm gonna look pretty slick riding around on it in the spring.

i also bought the shoes i posted here.  i may sell the old handmade clogs but i'm keeping the little leather cleats!  i'm bringing them to my shoe shop and i'm hoping they can remove the cleat soles and replace with regular ones.  do you think i'm nuts or genius??  (correct answer genius).

k.  getting into the studio now.  
yours most truly,


nicole said...

Yes, genius. Hope they can do it for you.

I am the biggest marthe armitage fan. How I wish I could afford to buy some of her wallpaper. You posted my favourite ones.

BananaSaurusRex said...

I went to look at Marthe Armitage and started to swoon - then realized I was holding my breath because it was so lovely. Dork!

And you're a genius.

Jane Flanagan said...

Yay for auction success. And yes, genius - of course!!

Have a great weekend!