Monday, November 1, 2010

random fact monday

  • i want green eye shadow
  • leaves don't rake themselves
  • i never took a shining to david bowie
  • i get pissed when people try to scare me on purpose for amusement
  • only 8% of women are left-handed
  • some people think birth trauma causes left-handedness
  • the economy has improved during the obama administration
  • AND the stimulus bill was effective in staving off a deep depression
  • i went through the entire sweater rack at goodwill yesterday and didn't find a single cashmere sweater
  • i love to dance but sometimes it makes me feel self-conscious
will you add a random fact of your own?  that would make me super mondo happy.


The Oak Leaves said...

*The plants neatly lined up outside wont plant themselves
*We are all so ignorant to what's going on around us
*I have some evil looking scratches on my wrist from an admittedly provoked cat
*I am lazy
*My desk is piled a foot high with junk i do not need on the desk in first place

Mandy Behrens said...

I used to sell consumer packaged magnets, including a wand with a strong magnet in the tip of it that I named "sew WANDerful" -- it was marketed it to seamstresses and crafters as a handy tool to pick up pins and needles. That was nearly 20 years ago...they're still selling like hotcakes. Happy Monday Liane!

Jaxx said...

We had 93 trick-or-treaters last night much to my amazement and delight...Halloween is a huge holiday here in Northern California.

Kaija said...

After I decided it was not my thing to become a full time bookbinder just yet, everything I've pursued as the next best thing has only made me unhappy. No matter how many great schools I get into, no matter if I land on my childhood dream job, I never feel like me anymore. (I know, I should probably just quit everything and bind books, but it's freaking scary in a small country.)

I guess I'm not being very random.

Take two: Back in 2002 I shaved my head and later had it regularly cut by the town barber who cut it for free because it was good for his business to have pretty girls stop by the barbershop. Small towns, old men.

BananaSaurusRex said...

* 5-year-old magazines don't throw themselves away
* my handsome husband bought a lint-roller and I made fun of him but then I used it today
* I feel hopeful today

broadcast.poulet said...

i've never had a shower without getting shampoo in my eyes. it sucks.

Anonymous said...

~udon noodles are delicious
~i'm glad we can't hear what people are really thinking
~BUT! when i look around at people in bars engrossed in conversation i wish desperately i could flit around invisibly to hear what they choose to talk about
~every morning i wonder what animals have walked through our yard in the night
~i wish i could lose weight while i sleep
~clouds are cool

Liane said...

man! i love all your random facts. best part of my day so thanks lay-deez!

Beth Twist said...

* I am double jointed in my left thumb.

* I can't sleep without earplugs.

* One of my hens laid a gigantic egg this weekend. I felt really sorry for that hen. Then I wondered if laying eggs hurts them like natural childbirth hurt me, then I figured, nah, probably not, or else there would be screaming chickens in the henhouse all day.

* Women who sew by hand experience lowered blood pressure.

* I can't decide whether to get a tattoo on my wrist or just below my collarbone.

nicole said...

- I feel "off" all day if I forget to put on earrings.
- Despite the fact that I get cold very easily, my favourite season is winter—the more snow, the better. It is so beautiful and quiet.
- I would love to have a machine that records my dreams so that I could watch them on my tv.
- I used to spend hours and hours just listening to music. Now I put music on when I'm doing other things: cleaning, cooking, knitting, driving. I miss "just" listening.
- I will never have enough time to knit all the yarn I own.
- The amount of sugar I can ingest in one day is rather alarming.

Anne said...

- i miss the change of season since i live on the coast of south africa
- i have to have tea AND coffee with my breakfast
- i light a candle every day
- can't go out without earrings...

Eva said...

* when I try to think of random facts my mind goes totally blank
* I'm getting married this month. it feels strange.
* word verification 'inver' and I like that word

=mew= said...

<<Dessert is my favorite part of a meal.
<<I can't read anything without mentally correcting it or looking for spelling mistakes (it's exHAUSTing)
<<It's true: People really do live lives of quiet desperation.

jodi said...

*I like to eat leftover, sorta stale popcorn from the night before, for breakfast

*I've never used a gas-powered lawn mower

*I cannot, will not ever sleep in socks

*As a species, I like cats more than people

*I'm leaving random facts on tuesday, not monday

Lisa at merryhappyjoyjoy said...

- my daughter wants me to quiz her on her Latin vocab words and I want to think of random facts
- she desperately wants to do a Verona student exchange, but I can't host an Italian student in my home :(
- my dog pooped all over the vet's office this morning while doing crazed acrobats on the table
- I live in Florida and rarely go to the beach (too hot!)