Thursday, November 25, 2010

the stencil house

when i was in vermont with tara i got a little off-season private tour of the stencil house (jealous) at the shelburne museum.   the house has one room with original stencil work on wide painted board walls and one room which has new recreated stencil work.  the images above are the originals.  of course the painted decoration folks loved and had back in the day looked more like the recreated stencil room (all bright with ideosyncratic color combinations) but i can't help loving the way the old ones are worn and scratchy and faded.


Emerson Merrick said...

Why have I never been here??

tara said...

vermont! with an imposter tara!
next time, dinner, at least?
i rebelled against stencils after my mom went crazy with them in the eighties. but i think i've turned a corner. these are so beautiful.
happy thanksgiving!

Lotte said...

this is so lovely

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Agreed....these are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them.

BananaSaurusRex said...

I want to eat the stencil house! Or maybe I want to marry it.... a conundrum.