Wednesday, December 29, 2010

at auction+news from these parts

here are my picks for the new year's day sale at my local auction house:

and here's the news from these parts:

-i went to see "the king's speech" yesterday and it was really good...go see it!
-after the movie we had sushi.  also good.
-and before sushi we went to the bookstore and i got this book.  it's excellent and a fairly easy read.  the author shares individual stories from north koreans who have defected to south korea while detailing the history of the place mostly since the take over by kim il-sung.  i'm learning a lot and i'm struck by the near complete brain-washing that goes on in north korea.
-today i'm making a pot roast, finishing some mittlets i designed myself! (they are super simple but still i'm proud of them), reading my 2 books, keeping the fire going in the woodstove and maybe snowshoeing if i work up the motivation. 

it's been a nice vacation week. what have you been up to?


Terri said...

Wow! That chandelier is amazing... but, I'd really love that bottom cabinet in my house!


In Norway we've had "branch meat". Hmm, strange translation. It's salted dried lamb meat. It needs 30 hours in fresh water to get back into shape and less salty - and three hours of steaming on birch branches in the kettle. I made 5 kg on my stove. I love to cook using wood. And as we've had up to 26 minus degrees Celsius it's good to get the warmth as well. (I'd really love to have that working bench in my studio :) Have a great and creative start on the new year :)

jodi said...

It has turned sunny and cold in my neck of the woods, so we've been getting out for crisp walks and enjoying the trees' silhouettes against the blue sky. Also knitting, taking apart, and reknitting a thick, wooly, purple gnome hat that I'm creating as I go! Oh, and eating lots of steamed veggies to counteract all the cookies consumed over the holidaze :)