Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dorothea lange

child and her mother, wapato, yakima valley, washington, 1939
dorothea lange

just a quick note to say hello-
i have some catching up to do since i was away for several days in nyc with alice and margaux and walter and silas.  i also had the good fortune to have a meal with alison and amy.  and then monday i walked to the moma.  i used to get really into the big ab-ex stuff.  back in the day.  but this visit what i liked looking at most was the black and white photography.  dorothea lange's  pictures hit me hard in the heart.  and there was a sally mann picture there which was so beautifully done and dreamy and intense and also squeezed my heart some.

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Anonymous said...

I just discovered her work last week. I feel excited about it.