Saturday, December 4, 2010

i don't do neighbors

can i just say WOW.
so i'm typing in colin firth on youtube just to pass the time and cuz i'm thinking i'll entertain you with another video.  and i start clicking on these homemade montages of still pictures of him (ok.  they ARE hot pictures) with total corndog music to go with them and i'm thinking "who the heck makes these things??"

i recognize the irony in the fact that I AM WATCHING them.

one was like a little salute to his marriage on an anniversary.  some stranger made.  weird.

there's some weird stuff out there.

ANYWAYZ, now i'm going to talk about how cute he is.  heheh.  this ellen video is pretty funny.  i like that he is funny.  plus i like that he's kind of snotty. 

here are my top 5 characteristics i look for in boys:
1. smart
2. funny
3. not boring
4. good with money
5. snotty

ok, this is an entirely unnecessary post. 
we'll just leave it at that.


Lora said...

he is so funny. and SO CUTE! :)

ooglebloops said...

Love Colin Firth - that was 9 minutes well spent!!! Looking forward to his newest movie!! Thanks for sharing.