Monday, December 6, 2010

me and eli

here's another picture propped up on
the old blackboard next to me at my desk:

taken a few years back.  loved his haircut.

eli has totally mastered the rubix cube.  uh, is that how you spell it.?  he can do it in under a minute.  he has solved it like 50 times a day for the past few weeks.  i ask him if he is getting bored solving it so many times.  he says yes.  i think to myself that that's a bit mad. 

i could never solve the thing.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

what a great picture! He looks both happy and at home in your lap and then ready to leap out! The perfect moment!

Solving that cube - and so many times - is totally beyond me. Wow.

Kim said...

You both have such a classic look...timeless. I love that haircut is so you

Mandy Behrens said...

That IS a splendid photograph Liane. Thinking of you. Cheers, Mandy

Anna Allen said...

what a cutie! yes, love the haircut. i bet he is growing fast. ;)

i could never solve the rubix either. but then i didn't really try all that hard.

tara said...

hi, you and eli.
and. i never solved the rubik cube. i was always an honest kid, but i remember taking all of the stickers off and trying to tell my dad that i had solved the puzzle, and the hot burning ears when i knew that he knew i was lying.
whenever i see them in stores i think of being caught~