Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I just got lost on ebay searching antique quilts.  In a good way.  This one is pricey but lovely. 

Also, I fell off the no-coffee wagon.  One cup yeasterday and two today.  And I want more.  I'm a coffee monster.  MORE COFFEE!  GIMME MORE COFFEE!


An Urban Cottage said...

Love that. Looks like one of those beautiful Southern make-do beauties that came straight from some woman's heart and gnarled hands. I've noticed that many of them parallel what was going on in abstract art of the same period.

littlebyrd said...

three cheers for coffee!

Rikkianne said...

I recently found an antique quilt in the gutter! There is an auction house right down the street and they had a ton of things sitting on the curb. With my grandmother horrified and hunkered down in the car, I went through everything and found a beauty. I also found a sweater that I have worn at least 10 times since.
Man, I wold LOVE to have a coffee with you!