Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new things i'm working on plus a few pillows going into the shop today.

sometimes i get excited by a new project and then it doesn't live up to my expectations.  that's just the creative process, me thinks.  i can't help mentioning here or to a friend when i'm jazzed up about an idea or a seed of a project.  even though i know sometimes it fizzles. 

but this one thing i'm working it is super fun and i'm dreaming up all sorts of images in my head of how it may turn out.  if you don't dream it it'll never come true, right?

also, i apologize for not announcing the book giveaway winner sooner!  picked at random the winner is SARAH! (sarah, will you email me with your address so i can't get this book out to you?)

Sarah said...

"Wow! Stupendous productivity. I am in awe.
My current DIY is a pillow...cross-stitching a heart on some wool plaid that my grandmother bought many years ago from the Shaker colony in Amana, Iowa.
I really enjoy your blog!"
alsooooo, just so you don't forget how immature i am here's a link to jog your memory. 
and double alsooooo, i just finished my lost tv marathon last night.  PEOOPPLEEEEE!  i loved that show and i ain't gonna apologize for it.  last night i had to be by myself for a few minutes when it was all over to PROCESS.  no joking.  and i cried off and on during the last double episode (dork).  so now you know my dirty little secret. 



Anne said...

No ways, just finished Lost marathon too! I was so glad it had an end and now i'm so sad it's over... didn't you love the way it ended though?
(in tears too... a dork too) xxx

Lotte Janssens said...

lovely post