Tuesday, February 15, 2011

untitled post

i have very little for you today except to tell of my 
unending headache and chocolate indulgence.  

i have persevered as well as i'm able 
and put a few things in my shop.  

eli and i played a game requiring knowledge of 
the geography of africa
and he soundly whipped my butt.  

i had a few fits of creative inspiration.  

i passed by for the third time the spot 
 where a 200 year old home 
(a landmark of my childhood) 
was recently torn down and i pondered. 

 i also spent a few minutes wishing my hair looked like 
esperanza spalding's and 
also wishing i played the upright bass.  

how a mind does wander.


erin said...

those old house spots never quite feel right again, do they? sigh.

Angela said...

1. I fear my butt would have also been whipped had I played Fill In Africa with you. 2. It's always a little weird when you see the spaces left by missing houses. 3. My hair does look like Esperanza's and yet, somehow, mastery of the upright bass eludes me. 4. Here, have some more chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I love that picture!

=mew= said...

I so had the same thought when I saw esperanza for the first time on the grammys. and today I sent a link to her white house perform to a bunch of friends saying I wanted that awesome coiffure. so lovely.

Kim said...

You've got great mind wanderings...I had "the" headache too 2 days ago...that's how they say it in southern Indiana...THE headache...THE toothache...like there is only one and that person had it for the day! I ate THE chocolata too!