Thursday, March 24, 2011

impossible to title

morning little smurfs. 

did you watch that show as a child?  i actually didn't much.  and yet i reference smurfs.  memorable little guys and gals.  and if i let my mind wander right now it may also conjure up the blue man group.  you know, another group of blue dudes.  i like smurfs.  but i really dislike blue man group.  in fact, if i'm watching television and an ad for them comes on i have to say out loud "i hate blue man group!"  every single time.  because i do.  i don't know why really.  maybe because i imagine having to put on and take off that make up everynight and it makes me feel all greasy and claustrophobic.  maybe becase they are so frantic and frenetic it offends my angelic sensibility. 

and keeping on the tv theme it's the same with those blooper shows.  and that other show where people have to go through an obtacle course of muddy pools and moving things which wack you and big balls you bounce off and fall into muddy pools.  man i hate that stuff.  if you like them don't be offended.  however, we may have to cut our friendship short.....
and none of that has anything to do with old dusty things at auctions.  i guess i just needed to get it off my chest. 
there is an auction tonite.  i haven't been to one in awhile.  honestly my visions of interior spaces lately have been pretty monastic.  you know, one picture, one chair, one window.  doesn't that sound good?  but i don't have a picture of that so you get this. 

and now i'm gonna go rub two coffee beans together and make more coffee.
it's been real.
x, me

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suffragette said...

highly enjoyable post. i like the 'angelic sensibility' part. i can't stand blue man group either. or smurfs really. but after much cajoling from my kids and husband, i have to confess 'wipeout' can kind of make you crack up. just a little. although i just sit there and yell 'No!' at the contestants the whole time. it has become a 'family time' show at our house, unfortunately. hey, it's not my fault. i'm the only chick in the house. ugh. can we still be friends?