Thursday, June 9, 2011

at auction + floor paint

german hansel and gretel sewing machine.  

this auction is in osipee, new hampshire on saturday.  

i haven't been going to auctions or even making the rounds of the local antique shops in months.  
it doesn't seem as thrilling as it once was and i'm wondering if it's temporary or....

accumulating more stuff feels unappealing to me right now. 

i have been hanging some pictures on the walls and considering paint colors for the floors.  here's a link to one i'm considering.  looks rather blah on the monitor, however.

there's also this color in the image below:

i apologize but i can't remember the source for this image.  if you know pass it along please.  also if you have any idea what color/brand this green is i'd appreciate it.

there's also this image:

pretty similar color if not identical.  again, image source unknown.  naughty me.




Anonymous said...

Accumulating stuff feels icky to me right now too. I think our move helped opened my eyes as far as stuff goes. The energy spent, the money spent, the burden of things which really hold no significance to me. I've stopped my weekly rounds of the thrifts and things completely. Instead I'm beginning to focus that energy back into making. It feels so much better.
(Your indigo bags are lovely. They feel inspired)

Sara said...

I think the photo with the green floor, mismatched chairs, and shiny brass pendant lamp is a restaurant that was shown on Remodelista, but I can't locate the post. I'd like to see this post again myself.

re: stuff. Apparently my home is a magnet for items the size of a bread box. The benefit of them are vignettes of various color, which can be reconfigured at will. Is delight a purpose?

Sara said...

here is another green floor, a bit paler.

Tess said...

I've also been losing my desire to accumulate. I didn't even go to an estate sale this morning. Partly because I'm moving into a small space and partly because I end up with too much stuff and feeling anxious about it.

Sara said...

"restaurant mismatched chairs"

keeping my memory going..weird practice I have to do so..