Thursday, September 29, 2011

killing me softly

this, my friends, has got to be the most perfect group of images ever assembled on the internets.

go here.

i kept scrolling through until i started to feel real tense like it was so good, so so good, my poor little heart was gonna give out.

i'm setting it aside for later.  maybe pick up a bottle of wine first.  then settle in.  zany.


and as god is my witness i will have a bath like that up there someday.


Susan said...

Thank you, amazing finder.

Geninne said...

I found it last week and felt exactly the same.

Carlene said...

I thought, when I saw that first image of the blue wooden something, that you were going to say it was going to be at auction! Yeah, that was my cardio for the day.

christina said...

oh goodness. i see hours of my life being taken by 'brown dress with white dots' (in the best way possible).

thanks for passing the beauty along.