Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Morning All.

I don't feel so talkative today, for a change.  But I will share with you some frogs and toads.  Eli and I went outside around midnight last night to roam around.  We took the camera.  The great fat toad portraits are Eli's.  A couple of the toads we found were so impressed with his eye they've commissioned him to do some family portraits.


tj said...

...I love frogs and toads! There is one that has made its home in the garden so I kinda stacked some stones near its entrance to protect it a bit.

...We also have a frog that makes an appearance in our back bathroom. In the toilet. We don't think it comes in via the toilet but a small hole that is in the floor behind the pedastal sink. We always put the frog back outside and luckily so far it's just been my husband or I that has found it but I can't wait for the first guest to use the bathroom and come upon a frog in the toilet! lol... Kinda crazy I know but then so is our house. *giggle*shrug* ;o)

...Love the photos and the fact that you both went outside at night to enjoy a little bit o' Mother Nature after hours. :o)


Susan said...

Very fun night adventure! So cool that the toad in the last photo has owl markings. Hey, side note: your pillows are the comfy-est back support for slouchy posture while reading - love having them for visual feast but this is pure bonus!